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SPRING Flowering Plants Food

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It contains all necessary elements for the health and growth of flowering plants, an enriched formula with additional iron and other trace elements. 

About Me

Your Flowering Plants will grow extra and bloom beautifully when you feed with Spring Flowering Plants Food Nutrition. This food provides deep rich leaf color, beautiful blooms and strong root development. 

Spring Flowering Plants fertilizer has a composition of (NPK 4+4+10).

Instructions of Use

Shake the bottle well before use.
Add half a measuring cup to 2 liters of water.
Apply every 2 weeks during active growth periods.
Apply very 4 weeks during rest periods.
After use, rinse the watering can and cap with clean water.
Keep out of reach of children and pets, and keep free from frost.
Store at a temperature between +5°C and +35°C.

Why It's a Must-Have?

The main food source of plants is undoubtedly chemical and organic fertilizers.
The main function of these fertilizers is to meet in a short time the deficiencies of plant nutrients needed by soil that has become impoverished and inefficient as a result of its use for many years.

NPK fertilizers meet the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium needs of plants.

, phosphorus and potassium needs of plants.

☘ Nitrogen:
Promotes the formation of leaves and stems in plants. It affects important physiological functions within the plant, the quantity of products and the quality of the product. It is the main ingredient of protein in plants and is the basic building block of chlorophyll, which converts solar energy into useful energy for the plant. Plant green parts use a large amount of nitrogen during the development period.

☘ Phosphorus: 
It also plays an important role in the formation of seeds and fruits, especially in flowering, root development, formation of new cells, growth of tissues and the formation of some organic compounds within the plant. It plays a role in energy transfer in plant metabolism and is effective in the formation of substances such as sugar and starch.

☘ Potassium: 
Improves the quality of the product, contributes to the development of the fruit in terms of taste, aroma and color. One of the most important functions of potassium is that the plant regulates the water balance. Therefore, potassium deficiency causes the resistance of plants to thirst to decrease. Promotes root development, increases resistance to disease and thirst.