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We are Exotic House Plants, and Fine Flowers Store. Visit our shop of a complete list of exclusive we are stocking.

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  • "Just Living is not Enough.
    One must have Sunshine, Freedom,
    and a Little Flower."

    Hans Christian Andersen

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Quality products
ROUGE 'N' LOVE is a high-end gifting brand offering a wide selection of exotic houseplants and fine floral arrangements. Our collections are carefully selected and designed by our master creative designers backed with passion and luxury.
Exotic Selections
Nature has the ability to express hidden feelings and emotions without actually saying anything, but when the relationship is special, you need something more than ordinary flowers & houseplants to convey your message of love in the best manner possible.
Custom Designs
Give us a call today and we will design a stunning custom fresh or forever flowers bouquet, or maybe an exquisite houseplant just for you, that will definitely leave a lasting impression. You know the recipients of your bouquets best; we just can make it happen!