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About Me

Provides the important iron element necessary for the synthesis of chlorophyll pigments responsible for photosynthesis. 100% soluble in water.

Instructions of Use

☘ Dosage for Ornamental Plants: Use rate of 20gm per 20 liters of water.
☘ Feed every 2 weeks during active growth periods.
☘ Apply very 4 weeks during rest periods.
☘ Keep out of reach of children and pets, and keep free from frost.
☘ Store at a temperature between +5°C and +35°C.

Why It's a Must-Have?

The main food source of plants is undoubtedly chemical and organic fertilizers.
The main function of these fertilizers is to meet in a short time the deficiencies of plant nutrients needed by soil that has become impoverished and inefficient as a result of its use for many years.

☘ Accelerates the formation of proteins in plants.
☘ With the EDDHA Chelate, it covers the positively charged cations required for the plant with a negatively charged molecule.
☘ It has a structure that makes it easy to use thanks to its wide pH range.
☘ It promotes high yields and fruit formation in the plant. It allows the transport of oxygen in the production of chlorophyll.
☘ It darkens the leaf color, allows it to benefit more from solar energy.
☘ Increases leaf thickness, promotes nutrient retrieval and helps to increase yield.