4-in-1 Soil Meter

4-in-1 Plants Soil Meter (Moisture, Light, pH, Nutrients)

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Soil Tester 4-in-1

One device, four functions. If you’re a indoor garden enthusiast and would like to be in the know of what your plants need to thrive, this soil 4-in-1 meter is a must for you.

No more around or relying on your green thumb. With this in-soil pH, moisture, light and nutrients soil tester you will find out whether your plants need water or not. You’ll also measure the pH of your soil and the strength of the light your plants are getting, in addition to the nutrients they need for a healthy growth.

About Me

 4-in-1 Multi-Function: This hygrometer can meet your needs to measure soil moisture, Ph, nutrients, and light conditions at the same time. Cost-effective, compared with the traditional single-function soil tester, you only need to buy one, and you can enjoy four services. It can help you gain a complete understanding of your plants.

Patented Design 90° 'USA-Registered': The patented design of the 90° rotating head allows you to read the dial without bending down and looking down. You can bend the head 1°-90° at will. Adjust to the angle that best suits your reading.

☘ Fast Response: You only need to insert the probe deeper into the soil and get test results in seconds.

☘ No Batteries Required: Easy to store. Great for Garden, Lawn, Farm, Indoor & Outdoor Use.

Instructions of Use

Product catalogue is included in the box with complete instructions of use.

Why It's a Must-Have?

 It Eliminates Guesswork: This Soil 4-in-1 meter ensures that you’re not overwatering or underwatering your plants. Overwatering can make your plant roots rot, and underwatering tends to make your plant wilt. Also, overwatering is the main reason why people kill their houseplants.

☘ Right Amount of Light: Measuring the light that plants are exposed to throughout the day and through the changing seasons is an incredibly useful insight to have. Plants, more than anything, need the right amount of light in order to thrive.

☘ Correct pH Level:  Plants need the correct pH level which controls how well they utilize the nutrients available in your soil. This 4-in-1 tester allows you to instantly determine how acidic or alkaline your soil is. All plants have a pH preference, so it is important to know what this measurement is.

☘ Suitable for Many Plants: Plants need nutrients for the same reasons that animals need them. They need them to germinate, grow, fight off diseases and pests and to reproduce. Like animals, nutrients are needed in larger, smaller or trace amounts for the plant to stay healthy.