Long Spout Watering Can with Adjustable Nozzle

Plants Watering Can

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About Me

☘ Capacity: 2L, 4L, 6L
☘ Material: Plastic

Why It's a Must-Have?

☘ Detachable Convertible Nozzle: With a detachable shower nozzle, you can choose between a steady stream or a gentle shower. Great for both indoor and outdoor plants.

☘ Long Spout Watering Can: The Qilebi water can is long and thin, and suitable for hard-to-reach areas. It can accurately transport water directly into the soil, so it is easy to penetrate water to the bottom of plants without splashing and wasting.

☘ Mini Watering Can with Large Capacity: The small watering can has a large water storage capacity of 2L, which can reduce the trouble of frequent irrigation.

☘ Plastic Watering Can: The watering pot is made of high quality Plastics, thick wall of the kettle, anti-fall and compression, not easy to age or break. It is necessity as lawn & garden watering equipment.