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Natural Preserved Moss Slice Decor

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Real product may or may not look exactly as the picture. Preserved natural items are natural living things and might vary in color shade, shape, size and any other characteristics due to natural reasons. natural reasons.



You will find that even something like moss has a floral meaning and it stands for maternal love and for charity. This is a great décor gift to give someone and to show them that you are there and that you care for them.


Preserved Moss adds a beautiful decorative element to your home. Use them in a variety of ways: with dried and silk flowers, as a soil cover in your garden or a lining for your wire hanging baskets. Add natural texture and style to your orchids, topiaries and wreaths. Even your terrarium. The lush, pliable mosses even work well alone Simply fill a clear glass vase or bowl with your choice of moss for a fresh, green. eco-friendly look.

Product Tips

☘ Natural preserved moss slices.
 Approx. slice dimensions: 28*18cm
 Do not water.
 Do not expose to direct sunlight.
 Not edible and intended for decorative purpose only.