Full Spectrum Indoor Grow Light

Full Spectrum Sunlike "Grow Light" for Small Indoor Plants - 10 Dimming Levels & Adjustable Height

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Bring Sunlight Indoors

Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Light for Small Indoor Plants. 10 Dimming Levels, Adjustable Height, and 8/12/16 Hours Automatic On/Off Timer.

About Me

 Sunlike Full Spectrum & 10 Dimming Levels: This grow light applies the full spectrum LED chips, emits wavelengths from 380nmup to 780nm, just like natural sunlight. It can be more effective in accelerating photosynthesis and plant growth at all stages. It has 10 brightness levels ranging from 10% to 100% that you can choose the brightness level needed by your plants need at different stages, to help plants grow faster and better.

2 in 1 Home Garden Lighting Design: Not just a grow light, but also home décor. This grow light is perfect to be placed at office desk, living room, dark corner in your house. This plant light is designed like a halo, mimicking natural sunlight, helps plants to grow faster and healthier. The warm natural light is eye-friendly and ideal for home and indoor use, perfectly fits in with home décor.

☘ 8/12/16 Timer & Auto On/Off: This grow lights for indoor plants is equipped with a built-in timer of 3 modes cycle timing settings - stay on for 8/12/16 hours, then off for 16/12/8 hours, and it will automatically turn on and off at the same time the next day, no need to unplug or re-plug. It will take good care of your plants everyday, no need to worry about your plant while you are not at home for a long time.

☘ Wide Application & Housewarming Gift: The feature of sticking into the soil or planter, this grow light is very versatile and applicable for all types of locations, such as hanging, trellis, floor planters and so on. As a stylish decoration for any home space, this plant light is a unique housewarming gift, perfect for gardeners and plant lovers.

Instructions of Use

☘ Just stick it in potted plant, adjust height and angle, then turn it on. 1-step installation, quick and easy! This plant light for indoor plants has a telescopic pole (6.5-24 inches), can be retracted up and down. You can adjust the reasonable height for the plant growth, and a large area or more plants will be covered when the pole is extended longer.

☘ Input Voltage: USB AC85-265V.

☘ Wattage: ‎5 Watts.

Lighting time Timer: 8/12/16 hours, depends on plant's type.

☘ 5W & 29 LED chips, just put out enough luminosity for all stage of plant growth without concerning about burning your plants.

Average Lifespan :50000+ hours.

Why It's a Must-Have?

 Uniform Spectrum (380-780nm): Upgrade LED chip, provides similar sunlight warm and uniform lighting, and promotes healthy growth for your plants.

☘ Safety Upgrade: Quality Led technology and aviation grade aluminum alloy material, ensures the grow light bulb working in normal temperature, and will not over-heat, which means it is more safety to your plants.

☘ Suitable for Many Plants: Sunlike full-spectrum grow light can work well with different types of indoor plants.