Everlasting Beauty & Purity

White Azalea, The Royalty of the Garden

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About Me

☘ Origin: China and Japan
 Family: Ericaceae
☘ Botanical Name: Rhododendron
☘ Common Name(s): 
Snow Azalea · Royalty of the Garden


Throughout the world, this flower stands for love and gentleness, making it perfect to give to a loved one for any occasion. The Azalea speaks of taking care of yourself and everlasting beauty, which is exemplified in this plant's long life not only as a houseplant, but also as a cheery addition to your yard or garden.

☘ The White Azalea usually a symbol of purity and innocence, as all other white flowers. Because of that, the flower is usually used for wedding decorations and all other celebrations.

Name Story

The common name Azalea comes from latin, meaning "dry" inspired by its nature for growing in dry soil.

Azalea is also known as The Royalty of the Garden” and has long been adored for its brightly colored flowers and outstanding form and foliage.

Feng Shui

Azalea is a popular Feng Shui flower depicted in paintings or art on porcelain ware as a symbol of feminism. They make great additions to a Feng Shui garden.

Interesting Facts

☘ Of all shrubs with flowers, the Azalea is by far the most dramatic with brilliant blooms of radiant colors blooming in late spring. 

☘ The flowers and leaves of Azalea form in large clusters that offer nesting birds privacy while feeding and protect them from wind and rain. Its flowers provide abundant nectar that attract hummingbirds and the fire-tailed sunbird. Ornithologists have noted that birds don't discriminate over petal color when it comes to these plants, like they do with other plants. The seeds of Azalea plus the insects they attract provide food for birds during multiple seasons.

Health Benefits

☘ Bring this beautiful flowering shrub into your home to combat formaldehyde from sources such as plywood or foam insulation.

☘ Because Azaleas do best in cool areas, they're a good option for improving indoor air in your basement if you can find a bright spot.

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