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Scotch Heather, Queen of The Winter

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☘ Origin: Scotland, Ireland, Russia, Scandinavia, and North America
 Family: Ericaceae
☘ Botanical Name: Calluna vulgaris
☘ Common Name(s): Common Heather · Scotch Heather · Autumn Heather · Winter Heather


Heather flowers mean good luck, protection, and admiration. According to Queen Victoria, this flower signified good luck in England and it expressed her appreciation to the Scottish traditions and for bringing Heather into the world.

White Heather was also believed to be a sign of victory. The Scottish clan, Clan Ranald, believed that by wearing this white flower in their bonnets, they won the battle. It was their symbol of protection and luck.

For the brides who brought a bouquet of white Heather on the aisle, it means good luck and a fruitful union. On the other hand, other colors of Heather flowers also mean different things. Pink Heathers mean grace and beauty while purple ones are meant solitude, admiration, and majesty.

Name Story

Common Heather: The specific epithet vulgaris is latin for "common'". The name Heather is believed to have come from the Scottish word ‘haeddre’, which was used to describe a heathland or a shrubland habitat. Since it is common shrub, it is called Common Heather.

Feng Shui

Azalea is a popular Feng Shui flower depicted in paintings or art on porcelain ware as a symbol of feminism. They make great additions to a Feng Shui garden.

Interesting Facts

☘ There was a Scottish legend about the Heather flower, It was told that Malvina was engaged to Oscar, a warrior. He was killed in battle but a messenger who told her the news brought a Heather flower to remind her of Oscar’s love. She cried and her tears fell on the flower, which turned into white. This made her feel comforted. Since then, she wished good luck to anyone who finds white Heather flowers.

☘ Heather flower is a unique type of flowering plant that is considered an evergreen shrub. It is the Queen of the Winter Season to many people because it blooms richly in the cold winter months.

It is always mistaken as the Erica flower, which also came from the same genus Calluna. Heather is smaller than the Erica or Calluna and it blooms during winter season while the other one blooms in the summer season.

There are varieties of Heather that can grow under different types of climate and environment, and they can bloom from Autumn to Spring seasons. They change colors through seasons, making them a wonderful addition to your garden.

One interesting fact about this flower is that it produces nectar in large quantities, attracting butterflies and bees, even moths. It has 30 seeds in one season. One plant throughout its life can produce up to 150,000 seeds.

Health Benefits

☘ In combination with other herbs, heather is used for treating diabetes, menopause and nervous exhaustion. Other uses include stimulation of digestion and regulation of the circulatory system. Some people add heather to bathwater for treating wounds.

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