Endurance & Lasting Affection

Red Pancake, Paddle Plant Kalanchoe

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About Me

☘ Origin: South Africa
 Family: Crassulaceae
☘ Botanical Name: Kalanchoe luciae
Common Name(s): Paddle Plant · Red Pancake · Flapjack · White Lady · Desert Cabbage 


Kalanchoe plants symbolize endurance and lasting affection because of their long-lasting period of blooming. It can also symbolize wealth and prosperity.

Name Story

Kalanchoe: The name ‘Kalanchoe’ comes from the Chinese phrase ‘Kalan Chau’ which translates to ‘that which falls and grows’ in reference to the way it spreads.

Paddle Plant: Because of its thick, rounded, paddle-shaped leaves, it was called the Paddle Plant.

Red Pancake: The plant is also known as Red Pancake because the leaves frequently take on a reddish or deep pink tint during the winter, it also refers to the leaves that stack one on top of the other like pancakes.

Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui symbolism, both the beauty and the flowers themselves symbolize good luck. Furthermore, flowers possess positive energy and have powerful healing qualities.

On the other side, succulents are good luck. This means that you will reap abundance in life when you grow these plants in your home. A succulent plant is a great way to attract positive elements that will result in something positive too. 

Interesting Facts

It can grow to be up to 60cm (2 feet) tall and even taller when in bloom! The Paddle Plant is monocarpic, meaning the rosette in bloom will die after blooming. Typically, the main rosette will produce many baby plants prior to blooming, which will continue to grow even when the mother plant begins to decay.

Health Benefits

☘ Purifies the air, adds fresh Oxygen to the environment, and improves humidity level of the house. 

☘  Improves focus, enhances the memory and increases pain tolerance.

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