Strong Willed & Free Spirit

Ponytail Palm Bonsai, Elephant Foot

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About Me

☘ Origin: Southeastern Mexico, Belize and Guatemala
 Family: Asparagus
☘ Botanical Name: Beaucarnea recurvata
Common Name(s): Ponytail Palm · Elephant Foot Palm · Bottle Palm


Strong willed, free spirit, always on the move, loves to travel, loves intensely, warm hearted, and eternal optimist.

Name Story

Elephant Foot: is named the ‘Elephant Foot Palm’ because it has the shape and texture of an Elephant's foot, along with the wrinkly apprearance.

Ponytail Palm: The common characteristics of this plant include a bulbous trunk, which is used to store water, and its long, hair-like leaves that grow from the top of the trunk like a ponytail, giving the plant its renowned name.

Feng Shui

This plant acts as a sign of balance & brings in a positive dose of energy indoors.

Interesting Facts

Ponytails make great indoor Bonsais and are ideal for beginners who desire a slow growing, low maintenance plant for home. It's considered extremely hardy, they do well in either bright, indirect, or full sun; making it a bonsai to sit back and enjoy.

The British Royal Horticultural Society has given the Ponytail Palm the Award of Garden Merit.

Health Benefits

☘ NASA found the ponytail palm to be one of the best air-purifying plants to keep indoors.

☘ It absorbs common toxic gasses through its leaves and converts them into fresh oxygen. Otherwise, the plant's primary use is purely aesthetic.

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