Patience. Wishing for Good Health & Longetivity

Mini Polka Dot Flamingo Plant

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About Me

☘ Origin: Madagascar
 Family: Acanthaceae
☘ Botanical Name: Hypoestes phyllostachya
 Common Name(s): Polka Dot Plant Plant · Baby’s Tears Plant · Flamingo Plant


The Polka Dot Plant symbolizes Patience.

Name Story

Polka Dot Plant: It must be one of the most colorful plants. This beauty shows off red, pink or white leaves marked with splashes of dark green making it appear similar to the Polka dot pattern. So, it is called the Polka dot plant.

Interesting Facts

Polka dot plant is popular for use in planted glass terrarium setups, and in fact it is one of the few plants that tolerate these conditions well. This is because it doesn't grow tall and it can handle high humidity, while also producing attractive foliage.

Health Benefits

☘ Indoor plants like the Polka Dot Plant will enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home and comes with a wide range of additional benefits such as improving your mood, filtering the air, and even reducing stress.

🔆 Bright Indirect Sunlight

🌱 Easy Care

🐾 Pet Friendly

💠 Modern Ceramic Planter Included