Tom's Green Thumb Sensor

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Here it is: "Tom's Green Thumb" ~ 
When your plants need water, Tom's Green Thumb will play a tune.

Why It's a Must-Have?

☘ Tom's Green Thumb only needs one battery (AM4 / 1.5V) (not included).

Tom's Green Thumb is enough for all your plants because as soon as you hear the melody you will be automatically reminded to check all your plants. Tom's green thumb has a gold plated feeler tip so it won't rust.

Instructions of Use

1. Insert Battery:

- Hold the dipstick in one hand and use the other hand to loosen the thumb counter-clockwise. Remove thumb from dipstick. (B1)

- Now insert an AM4 / 1.5V battery with the + pole side down. (B2)

- Attention: As soon as the battery is inserted correctly, a melody sounds, which only stops when the dipstick is placed in moist soil.

- Now return the green thumb to its starting position, press down slightly and turn clockwise to tighten. (B3)

2. Put Tom's Green Thumb Now in Your Plants:

- Insert the probe tip into the moist soil. Do not try the probe tip to introduce into hard, dry soil. - The melody stops when the soil is moist enough.

3. Rules for Tom's Green Thumb:

- For plants that require more water, please plant your thumb up to 2" (5 cm) max.

- For plants that require little water, please plant your thumb up to a maximum of 4" (10cm) into the soil.

Caution: If the melody continues to sound even though your thumb is in moist soil, simply moisten the tip of the probe with a wet cloth.

Please: Never stick your thumb more than 4" (10cm) into the soil. The thumb should always be 1" (2.5cm) above the surface.

4. Watering the Plants:

When Tom's green thumb plays its tune, simply remove the thumb from the soil and water your plants. Then just put your thumb back into the soil.

☘ What You Should Consider:

- Never put Tom's green thumb in Water.

- Remove Tom's green thumb before watering your plants.

- Check the battery every two to three months. We recommend that you change the battery every six months.

- If you plan to travel for a long time, remove Tom's green thumb and battery.

- Tom's Green Thumb can play the tune continuously for about two to three months if the soil is dry. However, we hope that you water your plants beforehand.