The Fine Taste

Dried Pampas Grass LG

Length: 95-100cm | Price/Stalk: Sale price Price 3.000 JD Regular price Unit price  per 

Real product may or may not look exactly as the picture. Preserved flowers/plants are natural living things and might vary in color shade, shape, size and any other characteristics due to natural reasons.


Pampas Grass is a symbol of being finely in tune with recent home décor trends. The tall, fluffy plant has had a bit of a renaissance in more recent years, having established as the new beau of all those house-proud. entirely. Every time you head to a friend's house or scroll Instagram for interior inspiration, there it is, standing proudly in a vase.

Product Tips

☘ Vase is not included.
 Do not water.
 Do not expose to direct sunlight.
Not edible and intended for decorative purpose only.