The King of Trees

Mountain Fig, Ficus Council Tree

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Max. Total Height: 178-185cm
Max. Planter Diameter: 50cm
Max. Planter Height: 41cm

About Me

☘ Origin: Pakistan and India
 Family: Moraceae
☘ Botanical Name: Ficus altissima
☘ Common Name(s): Mountain Fig · Council Tree


In Hindu religion, the Banyan tree is considered sacred and is called “Ashwath Vriksha” ➖ “I am Banyan tree among trees”. It represents eternal life because of its seemingly ever-expanding branches.

Name Story

Banyan Tree: The name originally comes from India, where early European travelers observed that the shade of the tree was frequented by Banyans (a corruption of Baniyas, a community of Indian traders).

Feng Shui

Banyan is called the "King of Trees" and It can also be used as a villain in Feng Shui. It can block Baisha and resolve some disadvantages. Many villages will plant several trees at the head of the village as the village's symbol tree, and Feng Shui tree to protect the village, and ensure the safety of one side.

Interesting Facts

☘ The Banyan is one of more than 750 species of fig trees.

☘ Banyans are strangler figs. They grow from seeds that land on other trees.

☘ Banyans are the world’s biggest trees in terms of the area they cover. The biggest one alive today is in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It covers 1.9 hectares (4.7 acres) and can shelter 20,000 people.

☘ Banyans are ecological linchpins. They produce vast crops of figs that sustain many species of birds, fruit bats, primates and other creatures, which in turn disperse the seeds of hundreds of other plant species.

☘ The first Europeans to encounter Banyan trees were Alexander the Great and his army, who reached India in 326 BCE.

☘ Hindu texts written more than 2500 years ago describe a cosmic ‘world tree’, a Banyan growing upside-down with its roots in the heavens. Its trunk and branches extend to Earth to bring blessings to humanity.

☘ Hawaii’s Banyans are not native. People who have planted them there include Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Amelia Earhart and Louis Armstrong.

Health Benefits

☘ For thousands of years, people have used Banyans as sources of medicines. Today in Nepal, people use banyan leaves, bark and roots to treat more than twenty disorders.

Medicinal uses: Treats diarrhoea, prevents tooth decay and gum disease, boosts immunity, prevents inflammation, prevents depression, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, ;owers cholesterol, diabetes and treats vomiting.

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