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ELITE-ONLY Juniper Bonsai “Limited Collection”

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About Me

☘ Origin: Europe, Asia and North America
 Family: Cupressaceae - Cypress
☘ Botanical Name: Juniperus communis
☘ Common Name(s): Common Juniper · Canadian Juniper · Rocky Mountain Juniper


The Juniper Tree represents the practice because it holds to emulate the tree in strength, wisdom, usefulness and beauty.
Its meaning is linked precisely to these varied stories. By translating the secret language of plants into one that is understandable to humans, we can speak of rescue and protection.

This is because, appearing in any tradition, it has strengthened what was its Greek meaning. In this beautiful language, this plant is known under the name of “arkeuthos”, from the verb “arkéo” which means “to repel the enemy”. Its physical characteristics, accentuated by thorny branches, gave this idea of ​​protection.

Name Story

Common Juniper: Juniperus communis is one of Ireland's longest established plants. The Juniper name is derived from the latin word juniperus. In latin, juniperus is a combination of the word junio, which means young, and parere, to produce. Hence, the name means youth producing, or evergreen. Moreover, it is one of the most common species in the genus, so it is called common juniper.

Feng Shui

When Juniper Tree is grown as a Bonsai in Feng Shui practice, it is usually regarded as the “Lucky tree” or “Money tree”.

It has been an important tree in Feng Shui and they have been a very great and interesting way to bring luck and abundance to our lives.

This is a popular Bonsai Tree for homes and you can use the lucky and abundant energy that comes with this incredible plant to accumulate wealth in your life.

Interesting Facts

☘ These trees were planted in many ancient countries to protect the house from evil spirits and malicious men.

People even went so far as to use it in the cracks in the house, hoping to reject diseases and evil spirits.

☘ In Italy, the symbolic tradition of it has always been very strong; there was no house where its branch wasn’t used against witches and sorcerers. 

☘ Juniper and its language occupy a place of honor even in many Christmas legends, but the prettiest is perhaps one of German origin, which teaches how, according to a particular ritual, it could recall a beneficial spirit capable of forcing thieves to return stolen items.

☘ In Estonia, they were planted next to houses to keep negative spirits away and the cracks in the walls were hit with its branches to prevent them from sneaking in, bringing disease and misfortune. Twigs of the plant were hung in the mountains of the Pistoia area at all doors to prevent witches from entering the house.

Health Benefits

Juniper is a good natural air-purifier, and absorbs indoor air pollution.

☘ Diffused into the surrounding air, Juniper essential oil is relaxing and a good stress reliever. It calms interior turmoil and restlessness.

Juniper berries has numerous medicinal uses through history and in the present days.

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