Resilient Character with Fine Sense of Style

Japanese Skimmia Rubella

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About Me

☘ Origin: Forests of China and other parts of Asia such as the Himalayas
Family: Rutaceae
Botanical Name: Skimmia japonica
Common Name(s): 
Rubella · Red Dwarf


Skimmia does not give up easily and changes color with the seasons, so gift Skimmia to a friend with resilient character with fine sense of style.

Name Story

Skimmia: The name was created in 1784 from 'Miyama shikimi’, the Japanese name for Skimmia.

Feng Shui

Having a Skimmia, as Berries producing plant indoors should increase your feeling of abundance!

Interesting Facts

☘ Skimmia is a member of the same family as Citrus Trees. The family resemblance is clear from the leaves, if you crush them, they release a Citrus Fragrance.

☘ If you like light colors, opt for Skimmia in the spring. At that time the berries are still green with hints of yellow. If you favour the darker shades then autumn’s warm, claret color Skimmia is highly recommended.

Unlike many other Berry-bearing plants, birds and small garden mammals are not particularly fond of Skimmia’s Berries. So they stay on the plant for a nice long time.

Health Benefits

Traditional medicinal uses attributed to Skimmia japonica.