Longevity & Immortality

Japanese Box House Entrance

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Max. Total Height: 96-100cm
Max. Planter Width: 32cm
Max. Planter Height: 65cm

About Me

☘ Origin: Japan & Taiwan
 Family: Buxaceae
☘ Botanical Name: Buxus microphylla
☘ Common Name(s): Littleleaf Box · Littleleaf Boxwood · Small-Leaved Box · Creole


The Boxwood represents longevity and immortality, it also represents a strong connection to the earth.

Name Story

Japanese Box, Littleleaf Boxwood, Small-Leaved Box, Littleleaf Box: The dense timber of Buxus microphylla, so as the other shrubs of the Buxus genus, has been used for making ornamental boxes, handles, instruments, violin pegs, and various small wooden objects, so that could be the origin of both botanical and common names. The epithets 'littleleaf' and 'small-leaved' refer to the small leaves of Buxus microphylla that are smaller compared to other boxes.

Feng Shui

The best plants for the front door in Feng Shui are those with soft, rounded, heart-shaped, or broad leaves that will draw in positive, auspicious energy.

Interesting Facts

Buxus microphylla, along with the other boxes, is widely used in landscaping and is particularly suited for topiary and hedges. However, many people don't know that, despite its widespread uses, all parts of Japanese Box are poisonous if ingested.

Health Benefits

Numerous of Medicinal uses, in addition to its ability to purify the air.

🔆 Direct Sunlight

🌱 Best For Beginners

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🔎 Disclaimer:
Real plant may or may not look exactly as the picture. Plants are natural living things and might vary in color shade, shape, trunk and leaves, size or any other characteristics due to natural reasons.