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Chic Gardenia, Cape Jasmine

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Gardenia bloomed flowers may not look exactly as pictured, as a result of its natural behavior of changing flowers faster than most plants, thus you may receive the plant with open flowers or closed buds.


About Me

☘ Origin: Asia, Wild in Vietnam, Southern China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Myanmar, India and Bangladesh
 Family: Coffee Family Rubiaceae
☘ Botanical Name: Gardenia jasminoides
Common Name(s): Cape Jasmine


Gardenia flowers are given as symbols of trust. They show love and respect for a person. They can also symbolize clarity because of this single white hue, the gardenia is often viewed as a representation of purity, clarity, and innocence, often used in wedding ceremonies. 

They are associated with beauty and are meant to bring the luck of attracting suitors. This is the case especially for parents who are eager for their daughters to meet a life partner and get married.

Name Story

Cape Jasmine: When the plant was introduced to England in the 1750s, botanists thought it was very similar to Jasmine. Hence, it carried Jasmine in its name and was often called Cape Jasmine because there was a saying long ago that it originated from Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.

Feng Shui

The Gardenia is not a popular choice of homeowners who desires to bring Feng Shui symbolism into the home space, but when they are selected, they are generally placed in common areas such as the living room.

Interesting Facts

If you’re someone who uses scent to improve your mood, then Gardenia could be just the thing for you. Floral scent of Gardenia has properties that can induce relaxation and even reduce stress. What’s more, when used as a room spray, the antibacterial properties could clean the air of airborne pathogens and eliminate odour.

Health Benefits

☘ If you are one of the millions who suffer from insomnia, take a whiff of your gardenia plant before turning in.

☘ Researchers in Germany discovered that compounds in gardenia's fragrance have the same effect as prescription-strength drugs, without the side effects.

☘ Additionally, Gardenia oil has been used to treat a large number of disorders throughout history.

🡪 Care Guide 101

🔆 Bright Indirect Sunlight

🌱 Easy Care

💠 Modern Ceramic Planter Included

🔎 Disclaimer:
Real plant may or may not look exactly as the picture. Plants are natural living things and might vary in color shade, shape, trunk and leaves, size or any other characteristics due to natural reasons.