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Pokon Bonsai Food

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Bonsai trees require special care. This perfectly balanced fertilizer has been especially developed to help you grow healthy and vital bonsai trees.

Pokon Bonsai Food

Your bonsai will be greener and more vital when you feed with Pokon Bonsai Nutrition. This food contains essential nutritional elements and a rich mix of trace elements.

Your Bonsai will be strong and healthy, thanks to extra humus extracts and a 100% vegetable biostimulator. This allows your bonsai tree to absorb nutrients better. The leaves of your bonsai tree get a beautiful, deep green color due to Magnesium (MgO) and Iron (Fe).

Instructions of use

✓ Shake the bottle well before use.
✓ Measure the correct amount of food using the yellow cap,
 10ml per liter of water.
✓ Feed your Bonsai weekly from February to October.
✓ In the winter months you can halve the dosage.
✓ After use, rinse the watering can and cap with clean water.
✓ Keep out of reach of children and pets, and keep free from frost.
✓ Store at a temperature between +5°C and +35°C.


Pokon Bonsai Nutrition consists of a 1:1 solution diluted with water based on a 4-4-6 NPK fertilizer with humic acids, plant extracts and trace elements.