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Essential Plant Care Kit ‘Complete’

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Keep your Indoor Plants happy and healthy without the guesswork.

Our 'Essential Plant Care Kit' gives you the A-B-C of plants care; fast growth, healthy leaves, and strong, resilient roots.

In This Kit

We’ve assembled most of the botanical nutrition and tools you need to maintain your indoor garden! -- It's everything you need to care for your plants through every season:

☘ UNISOL 20-20-20 Balanced Fertilizer (1kg)

☘ COSMO FER IRON Fertilizer (250gm)

☘ Tom's Green Thumb Sensor (Free Gift)

☘ Plants Misting and Watering Spray (1L)

SPRING Leaf Shine Spray (250ml)

Indoor Plants Water Drip Bottle (500ml)

☘ Delivered to you in a Vintage Wooden Storage Box.

➖ Do you prefer to shop à la carte? You can also buy the items from this kit individually.