Beginning of New Life

Emerald Tree Bonsai, China Doll Plant

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About Me

☘ Origin: Southern China and Taiwan
 Family: Bignoniaceae
☘ Botanical Name: Radermachera Sinica
Common Name(s): Emerald Tree · China Doll Plant · Serpent Tree


The Emerald Tree represents life and prosperity, peace and the beginning of new life.
Bonsai art is representative for the Japanese people’s way of thinking and their view about the world. It is not only a horticultural practice, but it also inspires harmony, equability and simplicity.

Name Story

Bonsai: is the Japanese word for 'tree in pot'. A miniature version of a full size tree.

Feng Shui

Bonsai trees are an intricate part of Feng Shui since it is highly recommended to place a living creature in your Feng Shui friendly environment. Plants are considered wonderful for increasing the flow of QI, however, bonsai trees are absolutely superior, compared to other possible alternatives.

Interesting Facts

☘ Any Tree Species can be a Bonsai.
☘ Bonsai Trees can Produce Fruit.

☘ Smallest Bonsai tree in the world will fit in the palm of your hand.
☘ Most expensive Bonsai tree was sold for $1.3 million.
☘ Bonsai cultivation dates back to more than 1,000- years ago!

☘ In Bonsai, Appearing Old is More Beautiful Than Looking Young.
☘  For a Bonsai to be considered “Perfect”, it should have a kind of similarity in its original state in form, size and appearance.
☘ In Japan, until a few years ago, for a family to be considered of “Noble Descent”, they should have at least one Bonsai that is over 300 years old.

☘ There's a Bonsai tree that Survived Hiroshima.
☘ Seven of fine prized Bonsai tree were stolen from a Japanese couple's house in 2019. One of the trees was a very rare type, a 400 year old Shimpaku Juniper, reportedly worth more than $90,000.

☘ Bonsai Competitions are Held Annually, and the World Bonsai Day in May.
☘ Largest displayed collection of Bonsai trees is made up by 2,649 trees.

☘ Zen Buddhism is in the very foundation of Bonsai.
☘ Bonsai was born from the Chinese art of Pun-Tsai.

Health Benefits

☘ China doll tree is an Air Purifier that can produce pure oxygen and it's used to remove indoor bad air and dusts partials so you can get fresh air.

☘ Radermachera sinica has medicinal uses for resolving issues related to venomous snake bits and is also effective in skin problems, sterilization, and even heat clearing. Ancient time it was used in medicinal baths and the leaf is an important part. Other parts such as branches, roots, fruits are also been used.

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