Longevity, Rebirth & Renewal

*Limited* Swiss Mountain Mugo Pine Bonsai ‘Handmade Designer Collection’

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Max. Total Height: 44cm
Planter Max. Diameter: 23cm
Planter Height: 9cm


About Me

☘ Origin: High Mountains of Central Europe
 Family: Pinaceae, Pine
☘ Botanical Name: Pinus mugo
☘ Common Name(s): 
Swiss Mountain Pine · Creeping Pine · Dwarf Mountain Pine


The Pine tree is iconic of the Japanese New Year, as a symbol of rebirth and renewal, a bright and hopeful future.

Name Story

Mugo Pine: The genus name comes from the latin name for Pines. Mugo is reported to be an ancient Tyrolean name

Feng Shui

With a reputation of being the “elder of the forests” and the “grandfather of the woods”, it's an imposing symbol of longevity via inner strength. It's commonly linked with virtue and long life, even immortality.

Interesting Facts

☘ The magnificent Mugo Pine offers excellent benefits to birds visiting your garden. The attractive leafy green foliage provides a great nesting place, whilst the density also means birds can hide from predators too. The cones that lodgepole pine produce are full of seeds and are a great food source for robins, finches, nuthatches, waxwings and chickadees.

☘ An older Pine can look absolutely stunning, really capturing the "nature in miniature" ideal of Bonsai cultivation - which is undoubtedly why it gained its reputation as a favorite of Bonsai Trees.

☘ Pine is an evergreen conifer, and it will look great year-round without any dormant periods. It's also got a very unique look, and can change drastically over the years

Health Benefits

☘ Pines have a good natural air-purifying power, and absorbs indoor air pollution.

🔆 Morning Direct Sunlight

🐾 Pet Friendly

💠 Designer Handmade Pot Included