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Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree

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Max. Total Height: 84cm
Max. Planter Diameter: 28cm
Max. Planter Height: 50cm

About Me

☘ Origin: Southeast Asia and the South Pacific
 Family: Musaceae
☘ Botanical Name: Musa acuminata
Common Name(s): Dwarf Banana · Cavendish Banana · Monkey Banana · Wild Banana


The Banana Leaf tree is an offering plant because it symbolizes both abundance and fertility. Buddha made the banana tree the symbol of the vanity of goods, the fragility and the instability of things, because his aerial part dies after bearing fruit.

Name Story

Plantain Tree: Because of different characteristics, the Edible Banana is called "Dessert Banana" while Plantain is called "Cooking Banana" because it is inconvenient to eat without cooking.

Feng Shui

Bananas with broad foliage have a good shielding effect and this plant is also very easy to grow. The smooth green of banana leaves symbolizes luck. Therefore, a pot of ornamental bananas is a great choice if homeowners want to plant trees in the back of the house.

Interesting Facts

☘ The leaves have a wide range of applications because they are large, flexible, waterproof and decorative.

☘ They are used for cooking, wrapping, and food-serving in a wide range of cuisines in Tropical areas.

☘ They are used for decorative and symbolic purposes in numerous Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies.

☘ In traditional homebuilding in tropical areas, roofs and fences are made with dry Banana-Leaf thatch.

☘ Banana and palm leaves were historically the primary writing surfaces in many nations of South and Southeast Asia.

☘ If there is one plant that is associated with tropical pleasure, warm weather and an easy life, it is the Banana Tree. The swaying leaves conjure up visions of island life and easy living. Yet these plants are not difficult to grow in warmer gardens far from the tropics, and in pots almost everywhere. Given sun, food and water, Banana Trees will bring pleasure and novelty to any garden.

Health Benefits

☘ Eco-friendly green air purifier to complement your healthy lifestyle.

☘ Its huge leaves provide the air with lots of moisture over the winter, which is much needed in a centrally heated home.

☘ Banana plants also have non-food uses. The stems and leaves are used for their fibers. The coarse fibers are called 'manilla hemp' and are used to make paper and rope. The fine fibers are used to make high quality cloth called banana cloth. 

🡪 Care Guide 101

🔆 Bright Indirect Sunlight

Tolerates Partial Sun

🌱 Easy Care

🐾 Pet Friendly

💠 Luxury Fiber Stone Planter Included These high quality pots are ideal for growing healthy plants, extremely environmentally friendly, and very practical because they are 100% biodegradable and peat free.