Dried ‘Handmade’ Baby’s Breath Tree Design

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Handmade Tree arrangement crafted with real dried flowers and real preserved tree trunk for decorating purposes only.


Baby's Breath is blooming with symbolism. Most commonly, this flower is a symbol of everlasting love - which is one reason why it's a popular wedding flower. Baby's breath also represents innocence, which makes it a lovely gesture to include in baby shower gifts and gifts for new mothers.

White Baby's Breaths symbolize purity, innocence, faith, cleanliness, virginity, perfection, adorability, kindness, humility, heaven, light, and softness. They can be used as birthday gifts and for many other occasions.

Product Tips

Pot Included.
 Do not water.
 Do not expose to direct sunlight.
Not edible and intended for decorative purpose only.


☘ Total Height: 80cm
☘ Pot Material: 
☘ Pot Height:
☘ Pot Diameter: 35cm