Things Are Coming Together!

Coral Cactus Euphorbia Lactea, The False Cactus

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About Me

☘ Origin: Tropics of Asia
 Family: Euphorbiaceae
☘ Botanical Name: Euphorbia lactea
Common Name(s): Mottled Spurge · Coral Cactus · Dragon Bones · False Cactus · Milkstripe Euphorbia · Crested Euphorbia · Candelabra Plant


Coral Cactus is a further reminder that things are coming together in your life just as they are meant to!

Name Story

Dragon Bones: Its superb and refined appearance is very attractive and eye-catching. Nowadays, it is always planted indoors for ornamental purposes. It is also a large plant that look like animal bones in the desert sunshine. Moreover, their seemingly rigid appearance makes people relate to the dragon's backbone, so it is called Dragon bones.

Feng Shui

According to Chinese Feng Shui, Succulents are good luck. This means that you will reap abundance in life when you grow these plants in your home. A succulent plant is a great way to attract positive elements that will result in something positive too.

Interesting Facts

Coral Cactus is not really a Cactus, but is actually two Succulents joined together to form one beautiful coral-looking plant, which has a lot of names.

Health Benefits

☘ Purifies the air, adds fresh Oxygen to the environment, and improves humidity level of the house. 

☘  Improves focus, enhances the memory and increases pain tolerance.

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