Humidity Essential

Small Cool-Mist Plants Humidifier 'Colorful Lights'

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About Me

☘ Capacity: 260ml
☘ Spray Quantity: 40ml/H
☘ Use Time: 6hours (Continuous Spray) - 12hours (Intermittent Spray)
☘ Power Supply: USB
☘ Material: High Quality ABS

Why It's a Must-Have?

Most Houseplants are tropical, and a medium to high humidity level is a must.

Make sure to water-spray your plants leaves a minimum of (3) times a week if you don’t have a cool-mist room humidifier near the plants.

Pressure Spray Mister

  • Small Plant Humidifier: Portable and small design that's very easy to place next to any plant, and super perfect for providing humidity to your small plants and keeps them moist.
  • Two Mist Modes: This small portable humidifier has two modes for continuous spray and intermittent spray (6-12hours).
  • Colorful Nightlight Function: It comes equipped with an optional nightlight colors for you that you can turn on any time to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere next to your plants - a beautiful addition to your plant and to your room.
  • No-Noise