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Citrus Lemon Tree

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About Me

☘ Origin: The lemon was introduced into Spain and North Africa sometime between the years 1000 and 1200 CE. It was further distributed through Europe by the Crusaders, who found it growing in Palestine. 
 Family: Citrus family, Rutaceae
☘ Botanical Name: Citrus limon
 Common Name(s): Lemon


The Citrus Tree is a symbol of cleansing, freshness, healing, happiness, love, light and optimism.

Name Story

The origin of the word Lemon may be Middle Eastern. The word draws from the Old French limon, then Italian limone, from the Arabic laymūn or līmūn, and from the Persian līmūn.

Feng Shui

Citrus trees bring luck and good fortune to your home according to Feng Shui. Place the potted tree in your wealth area.

Interesting Facts

Those with this birth flower are very charming and popular, but are also the subject of jealousy from those of the same gender, so they have to work harder to win favor from them. It belongs to the citrus family. They blossom in summer, mostly small white or yellow flowers that have a mosquito repellent effect.

Health Benefits

 'Beautify the indoor decoration and reduce stress'Growing indoor citrus plants gives beauty to the corners of the room. Plus, people feel more peace and less stress when indoor plants are part of the interior decoration. Being close to greenery makes people feel at ease.

☘ Good source of antioxidant vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E and B-complex vitamins. 

☘ Good source of flavonoid antioxidants like carotenes, lutein, zeaxanthin and tannins minerals like calcium, copper, potassium, manganese, iron, selenium and zinc.

☘ Health benefits include their ability to regulate digestion, boost the immune system, and improve skin, hair, dental, and eye care.

☘ Boosts metabolism, encourages weight loss and has anti-aging properties.

☘ They also reduce your chances of developing diabetes, lower your cholesterol levels, strengthen your bones, and improve nerve health.

🔆 Direct Sunlight

💠 Modern Ceramic Planter Included