Magnificence & Thoughtfulness

Bird of Paradise, Queen of Indoor Plants

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About Me

☘ Origin: South Africa
 Family: Strelitziaceae
☘ Botanical Name: Strelitzia reginae
☘ Common Name(s): 
Bird of Paradise · The Crane Flower


The Bird of Paradise represents magnificence, faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness, making it the perfect romantic gift. In Hawaii, the Bird of Paradise grows wild and is a significant part of the culture. In Hawaiian, the name means “Little Globe” and represents magnificence.

Name Story

The Bird of Paradise gets its name that its flower is made of three bright orange petals and three blue petals that are fused together into a single bud. The open flowers of the plant is a resemblance to the head and beak of a colorful exotic bird.

Feng Shui

Bird of Paradise flowers have earthy colors such as yellows and oranges. We feel grounded and secure around earthly objects and colors so they are good for the living room where the family gets together often.

Interesting Facts

☘ Legend goes that there was a fairy that missed meeting her lover and could not become a bird, so she turned herself into a bird-shaped flower, which is the bird of paradise flower.

☘ Very popular source of inspiration in fine art. Famous floral artist, Georgia O’Keefe, painted White Bird of Paradise during her time spent in Hawaii in the 1940s, and it is one of her most famous paintings from that time.

 The Bird of Paradise was a play that came out in 1912 about a torn interracial romance between a Polynesian beauty and a young American sailor. The play popularized Hawaiian culture and was adapted for film in 1932.

Health Benefits

☘ The Queen of Indoor Plants has exotic flower can make you feel happy with its vibrant color and tropical feel.

☘ The large green leaves are good for air circulation and purification due to their size.

🡪 Care Guide 101

🔆 Direct Sunlight

Tolerates Bright Light Conditions

🌱 Easy Care

💠 Luxury Fiber Stone Planter Included These high quality pots are ideal for growing healthy plants, extremely environmentally friendly, and very practical because they are 100% biodegradable and peat free.