Azalea Care Tips


Origin: Asian hybrids

Light: Bright light, no direct sunlight.

Water: Use a pot with drainage holes and water thoroughly to wet all the roots. Empty drainage tray so that plant isn't sitting in water. If allowed to dry out, foliage shrivels and flowers wilt.

Humidity: Moderate or high. Don't mist with water because misting can lead to fungus. It's best to use a cool-mist room humidifier to raise moisture in the air around your houseplants.

Temperature: Cool to average room temperatures (16-21°C).

Soil: Peat-based.

Fertilizer: Fertilize Azaleas during the growing season will keep them healthy and flowering. Feed every 1 month with a high-phosphorus fertilizer that contains iron. Yellow leaves with green veins are a sign of a nutrient deficiency caused by too much lime.