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XL MoneyTree, The Lucky Trunk

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Max. Total Height: 187cm
Max. Planter Diameter: 55cm
Max. Planter Height: 39cm

About Me

☘ Origin: Tropical Americas
 Family: Malvaceaeis
☘ Botanical Name: Pachira aquatica
☘ Common Name(s): Money Tree · Guiana Chestnut · Fortune Tree


The braided trunk of the Money Tree is said to be able to trap fortune within its folds. The five leaves typically found on a stalk are said to represent the five elements of balance: Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Metal. Finding a stalk with seven leaves is incredibly rare and also said to bring immense luck to the owner.

Name Story

MoneyTree: A legend was born along with the cultivation of the Money Tree:

"A man who was down on his luck prayed for prosperity, and soon discovered the money tree and took it home. He soon realized that from its seeds he could cultivate many more trees. He made a business selling these beautiful trees to others and made his fortune."

That is why the Money Tree is a popular gift in East Asian culture — in business as well as personal affairs.

Feng Shui

According to Chinese Feng Shui tradition, the leaves, with a bit of imagination look like green hands that capture happiness and good fortune, and the twisted stems store the treasure. In Asia, the plant is also called the money tree. In Feng Shui, there are several plants that can be used to promote abundance, but the Money Tree is favorable in many ways.

In terms of placement, many businesses keep a Mini Money Tree near their cash register for good fortune. Within the home, the most common placement to promote wealth is in the southeast corner.

Interesting Facts

With a braided trunk and lush, glossy leaves, it’s no wonder the Money Tree plant is so popular. Said to bring luck and wealth, this plant adds vitality to any home!

While we cannot guarantee the Money Tree will attract wealth to you, we can guarantee it will add a unique touch to your home or office.

Health Benefits

☘ The money tree is also highly rated as an air purifier for your home.

☘ A famous NASA study of indoor plants on air quality lists Pachira Aquatica as one of the most effective filters of harmful pollutants.

☘ The icing on the cake is that money trees are ASPCA-certified pet-friendly for your furry friends.

🡪 Care Guide 101

🔆 Bright to Direct Sunlight

🌱 Easy Care

🐾 Pet Friendly

💠 Luxury Fiber Stone Planter Included These high quality pots are ideal for growing healthy plants, extremely environmentally friendly, and very practical because they are 100% biodegradable and peat free.