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Swiss Cheese Plant Monstera Deliciosa

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Max. Total Height: 98-103cm
Max. Planter Diameter: 41.5cm
Max. Planter Height: 42cm 

About Me 

☘ Origin: Tropical Americas
 Family: Arum, Araceae
☘ Botanical Name: Monstera deliciosa 
☘ Common Name(s): Swiss Cheese Plant · Fruit Salad Plant · Mexican Breadfruit


Based on the Chinese symbolism, the Monstera is a symbol of a long life and the honoring of elders and respected people.

Name Story

Swiss Cheese Plant: This plant has always been loved for its unique leaves. During the seedling stage, its leaves are intact as a whole. However, as it ages, the leaves begin to pop out holes and lobes. The older it gets, the larger the holes and the larger the leaves are. This makes its leaves very similar looking to the holes in cheese, so it will be called Swiss Cheese Plant.

Fruit Salad Plant: This plant not only has unique and beautiful leaves but it also has peculiar fruits that look like green hexagonal scales on the outer layer of maize. When these scales fall off, they emit a strong and sweet fruit aroma. Furthermore, its fruit tastes like fruit salad. Moreover, the word deliciosa also means delicious. So, it's called a fruit salad plant.

Feng Shui

Fame and Fortune, what more could you want? Monstera radiates a powerful vibe that is healthy for the energy of your home. A jack of all trades, this monster can purify, protect, and charge your living space with positive Chi - that means Life Energy.

If your Monstera stays at the entrance of your home, Feng Shui experts believe this will allow you to bring only good energy sources in. If you have a lot of company, you might want to consider moving her to the living room, where she can purify the space of negative energy that could pile up in this high traffic space and ward off future evil. For a more personal connection to the powerful properties, try the bedroom, she is known to charge up smaller spaces to relieve fatigue and absorb the bad Chi that may have tried to sneak in while you were asleep. 

Interesting Facts

☘ Monstera fruit exists and its delicious.

☘ The holes in a Monstera leaf have a function.

☘ Monstera leaves cannot create extra holes.

☘ A Monstera can be an Airplant.

☘ Monsteras have muscles.

☘ Monsteras were first discovered in 1693.

☘ The Monstera Deliciosa is quite rare to be a common plant.

☘ The aerial roots from Monstera are used in Guetamala to make mimbre furniture, similar to rotan furniture.

☘ Aerial roots that behave: Often aerial roots from climbing plants destroy the surface they attach too. Just think about how hard it is to remove ivy from a building. Good news: Monstera aerial roots are the gentleman among aerial roots. They don’t damage your interior but only mean as an extra support or food source - when you lead them towards the soil - for your plant.

Health Benefits

Their big, textured leaves are covered in tiny pores which take in carbon dioxide and expel oxygen. All plants produce oxygen as they photosynthesise, but the large surface area of Swiss Cheese Plants means they’re especially efficient at doing so.

Large, waxy leaves like this are also mean dust trappers. Debris that would otherwise fall on surfaces and remain airborne will sit on Monstera leaves, where it can be easily wiped away, so both you and your plant can breathe easily!

☘ If you keep your Swiss Cheese Plant lightly misted, once every 5-7 days, it will add humidity to the air, warding off ailments such as dry skin conditions and respiratory problems that are aggravated by dryness.

🡪 Care Guide 101

🔆 Moderate to Bright Light

Tolerates Low Light Conditions

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