Endurance & Lasting Affection

Purple Flaming Katy Kalanchoe

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Max. Total Height: 33cm
Planter Max. Diameter: 15cm
Planter Max. Height: 15cm 


About Me

☘ Origin: China, southern and southeast Africa, particularly in Madagascar
 Family: Crassulaceae
☘ Botanical Name: Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
Common Name(s): Fleming Katy · Florist Kalanchoe · Madagascar Widow’s-thrill 


Kalanchoe symbolizes endurance and lasting affection. It can also symbolize wealth and prosperity.

Name Story

Florist Kalanchoe: It is often called the Florist Kalanchoe because it is widely available in stores like grocery stores, supermarkets, flower shops, nurseries, etc.

Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui symbolism, both the beauty and the flowers themselves symbolize good luck. Furthermore, flowers possess positive energy and have powerful healing qualities.

On the other side, succulents are good luck. This means that you will reap abundance in life when you grow these plants in your home. A succulent plant is a great way to attract positive elements that will result in something positive too. 

Interesting Facts

Kalanchoe usually blossoms in a series of small flowers clustered into one large vivacious flowerhead. So some people see it as symbolic of having a large family. They are usually given to middle-aged and elderly people as a gift, in line with their ardent hopes for their children and families. Putting a pot of it at home, injects the whole family with fresh vitality. They are easily maintained, even for those without a green thumb. It carries such a beautiful meaning that people who receive this flower will be lucky, happy, healthy and live long.

Health Benefits

☘ Purifies the air, adds fresh Oxygen to the environment, and improves humidity level of the house. 

☘  Improves focus, enhances the memory and increases pain tolerance.

🔆 Direct Sunlight

Tolerates Bright Light Conditions

🌱 Best for Beginners

💠 Modern Ceramic Planter Included