Femininity, Refinement & Sweetness

Sweet Pink Garden Roses

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About Me

☘ Origin: The Rose is one of the most ancient flowers which probably originated in Central Asia
 Family: Rosaceae
☘ Botanical Name: Rosa chinensis
☘ Common Name(s): Garden Rose · China Rose


Pink Roses stand for femininity, refinement, and sweetness, but they can carry more than one meaning depending on the shade of pink. Pink are one of the most sold flowers in the world.

Name Story

Garden Rose: Since it is most commonly used in gardens, and is also one of the most common plants found in gardens, its most popular name is the Garden Rose.

China Rose: As per its name, the Rosa chinensis originates from China, and is one of the flowers that represents the country.

Feng Shui

“Flowers are living chi and can change or enhance the mood of a space,” says Patel, who runs the New York-based Phoenix and Rose Feng Shui. “Using colored flowers in specific sections of the home is a powerful Feng Shui tool.” It is no secret that flowers emit a magic elixir that both and soothes.

Interesting Facts

The China Rose has many different colors, each with a different meaning. Red symbolizes love, while pink stands for first love. White represents purity and loyalty, and blue expresses affection. So, if you are giving these flowers as a gift, choose a color based on your intentions.

Health Benefits

Health and Beauty benefits of Roses that will surprise you:

Aid in weight loss.
Act as a natural aphrodisiac
 Are a well-known astringent.
Used to treat acne naturally
Lighten your lip color.

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