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Mini False Aralia, Schefflera

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About Me

☘ Origin: Rainforests in New Caledonia
 Family: Araliaceae - Ivy, Ginseng
☘ Botanical Name: Plerandra elegantissima · Schefflera elegantissima
Common Name(s): False Aralia


Schefflera plant is well known for its symbolic meaning, the leaf fingers are said to capture positive energy and attract wealth for those who own and care for them.

Name Story

False Aralia: In most cases, False Aralia bears little resemblance to Aralia plants, even though Schefflera species are members of the vast Araliaceae family. Whether or not the name ‘false aralia’ is warranted, the plant is indeed elegant.

Schefflera: The Schefflera genus is named after the 18th Century Polish botanist Johann Peter Ernst von Scheffler.

Feng Shui

The Schefflera is a commonly used plant in Feng Shui. It brings health and security. The way in which the leaves hang slightly downwards in combination with the stem is somewhat reminiscent of an umbrella and is believed to have a protective effect.

Schefflera plants may also help improve the Feng Shui within your home and are associated with the Wood element. Schefflera plants are linked to prosperity, wealth, and success. According to the Bagua map, placing your Schefflera in southeastern parts of your home could boost prosperity.

Schefflera plants can also help turn negative energy into positive energy. Negative energy collects in empty spaces and sharp corners. Positioning your Schefflera in these spaces fills the area with living positive energy or chi.

Interesting Facts

☘ The Schefflera genus is named after the 18th Century Polish botanist Johann Peter Ernst von Scheffler.

☘ Schefflera plants can survive for approximately 25 years when given the right care. This makes Schefflera trees one of the longest-lasting houseplants you can bring into your home. 

Health Benefits

Schefflera plants provide a range of benefits to our physical and mental health. Schefflera plants can help purify the air, reduce stress, and even improve our sleep. Schefflera plants are also excellent for Feng Shui and can live for up to 25 years.

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