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Japanese Cedar Bonsai

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About Me

☘ Origin: Japan
 Family: Cupressaceae
☘ Botanical Name: Cryptomeria japonica
☘ Common Name(s): Japanese Red Cedar · Sugi · Cryptomeria · Japanese Red Cedar


This plant is the national tree of Japan and it is often planted around temples and shrines. Cryptomeria japonica is said to have a history of 2170-7200 years. It has existed in Japanese culture for a long time and it’s essential to the spiritual and material lives of the native people.

Name Story

Japanese Red Cedar:  Its tree bark is reddish-brown while the processed timber is red-colored.
Sugi: Its Japanese name is Sugi, which means “straight trunk.” Other common names are Japanese Redwood and Peacock Pine (for the feathery appearance of the foliage).

Feng Shui

Plants with red bark and foliage or those with triangular or conical leaves represent the element fire. One of the most popular and the most beautiful examples of this is Japanese Red Cedar, a preferred Feng Shui plant that represents fire.

Interesting Facts

☘ Japanese Cedar is a tall, stately, graceful conifer -- and the national tree of Japan. In fact, Cryptomeria are the oldest and largest living trees in Japan.

Essential to the spiritual and material lives of the native people in Japan, and were used to construct buildings, furniture and household goods. The leaves of Japanese Cedar were burned as incense, and the straight trunks were used as pillars for temples and other buildings. In addition, Cryptomeria trees were often planted around shrines and tombs.

Health Benefits

☘ Podocarpus has a good natural air-purifying power, and absorbs indoor air pollution.

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Japanese Bonsai Standard Ceramic Planter.