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Madagascar Dragon Tree

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About Me

☘ Origin: Old World tropics, especially Africa
 Family: Asparagus 
☘ Botanical Name: Dracaena Marginata
☘ Common Name(s): Dragon Tree · Madagascar Dragon Tree · Song of India · Money Tree


A symbol of good luck in Chinese culture, the plant with the heart of Dragon.

Name Story

Madagascar Dragon Tree: The Dracaena genus comes from the Greek word "drakaina" which means a female dragon. It can be referred to as the source of the dragon's blood or the sap similar to a dragon's blood. So, it is called the Dragon Tree.

Money Tree: Hearing this name gives the person a sense of being wealthy. It's called Money tree not only because people give it a good moral, but also that it is said that the plant was planted at the bank gate for the first time as an ornamental tree. So, it is called the Money Tree.

Feng Shui

It brings a very peaceful and wise energy into your home. The feng shui uses for this plant generally relate to upwardness because its form is often upward.

Interesting Facts

Madagascar Dragon Tree is a houseplant that has elegant long, thin leaves with red edges. The lower leaves gradually fall away to reveal a thin trunk. The Dragon Tree looks good on its own and is also useful for providing height among a group of houseplants.

Health Benefits

Dracaena is a top performer in NASA’s clean air study, and one of the most effective houseplants in air purification.

☘ It helps remove formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene and carbon dioxide. These are chemicals linked with several health problems among them headaches, respiratory problems, anemia, marrow disease, kidney disease among others.

☘ Nevertheless, Dracaenas increases concentration and sharpens Focus, increases Humidity and absorbs Lead (Pb).

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