Friendship & Good Luck

African Milk Tree, Euphorbia

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About Me

☘ Origin: West Africa
 Family: Euphorbiaceae
☘ Botanical Name: Euphorbia trigona 'Rubra'
Common Name(s): African Milk Tree 
· Africa Milk Bush · Good Luck Plant · Cathedral Plant


The African Milk Tree is a symbol of both friendship and good luck and due to its unique architecture, we can't think of a better gift idea to send to friends and family.

Name Story

Known as the African Milk Tree because of the milky sap contained in the stems it makes an urban style statement but is best avoided around children and pets. Always use gloves when pruning, and make sure to protect yourself.

Feng Shui

According to Chinese Feng Shui, Succulents are good luck. This means that you will reap abundance in life when you grow these plants in your home. A succulent plant is a great way to attract positive elements that will result in something positive too.

Interesting Facts

Although The African Milk Tree resembles Cactus, the African Milk Tree is not a Cactus at all.

Health Benefits

☘ Purifies the air, adds fresh Oxygen to the environment, and improves humidity level of the house. 

☘ Improves focus, enhances the memory and increases pain tolerance.

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