Madagascar Dragon Tree

Origin: Old World tropics, especially Africa
Botanical Name: Dracaena Marginata
Family: Asparagus
 Common Name: Madagascar Dragon Tree

Symbolism: A symbol of good luck in Chinese culture, the plant with the heart of Dragon.

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🔆 Light
Prefers medium indirect sunlight but can survive in low light situations. Bleached leaves with dry brown spots usually indicate the plant is getting too much light. Pale leaves, slow growth, and small new leaves indicate it is not getting enough light.

💧 Water
Overwatering causes root rot and is the main reason a Dracaena Marginata plant dies. Water your Marginata well and allow the top 75% of the soil to dry before watering again. 

☁️ Humidity
Will do well in average humidity environments but will appreciate regular misting.

🌡️ Temperature
Marginatas like comfortable room temperatures between (18-26°C).

🧴️ Food
Feed once a month during the spring and summer with a liquid fertilizer for indoor plants. No fertilizer is necessary during the winter when plant growth naturally slows.

🐾 Toxicity
Toxic to pets and humans. Typically, ingestion will cause mouth and stomach irritation with possible vomiting.

 Additional Tips
Look out for a common problem called ‘tipping’ when the tips of the leaves dry out and turn brown. This can be caused by a variety of issues like overwatering, too much fertilizer, etc. The most common cause is tap water, which contains salts, chlorine, and fluoride. If you do not have a filtration system, leaving the tap water in an open container overnight before watering can help remove some of the chlorine and fluoride or you can use rainwater.

● Do Not Overwater! This will cause leaf drop and root rot that eventually could kill the plant. The worst thing you can do regarding watering is "give it too much".
● Make sure your plant is not placed near Heat or AC source. It is best to keep consistent room temperature throughout the seasons and not turn off Heat or AC when away or traveling. The best temperature ratio for almost any plant is (15°C-24°C).

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